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        4 MUST BUY Lipsticks

        4 MUST BUY Lipsticks

        As a lipstick lover, I cannot resist it when my favorite brand launched new shades. Even if you are a minimal makeup wearer, it’s for sure that you have several lipsticks lying around your dressing table. Even a thin layer of beautiful hues can boost the aura and better the complexion.


        Girls can always tell the fine differences between those numerous shades. They are not the same! It’s simply fun to collect all the shades for occasions even if you are not a makeup guru. Here let me introduce the most popular shades of Chinese Dragon Lipstick.


        Palace Identity Chinese Dragon Lipstick features a moisturizing and matte effect, the lips appear fuller while the fine lines are concealed.


        4 MUST BUY when you couldn’t decide.



        Everyone needs some authentic rich red hues. As our best seller, how can it go wrong?


        M13 DUSTY MAUVE

        We need to check all the color tones. How can you lack a nude lipstick. We have received very positive comments on this one as it accommodates most skin tones, perfect for everyday wear.


        M16 SWEET ALMOND

        This lighter nude is Palace Identity fans’ new favorite.



        Try it! I bet you can pull it off!

        Happy Valentine’s Day!

        Happy Valentine’s Day!

        Valentine’s Day is about love! Now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, how many couples are having trouble picking out the perfect gift?


        Here are some tips for your caring partner.


        Before making a choice, you need to know what she likes. With makeup or not, women deserve their better selves, either be fresh-faced, intense or light, they need to be treated.


        There is nothing that a lipstick can't solve, if there are, try two. Lipstick is the most vital makeup product. It’s a safe choice for Valentine’s Day.

        If you want to try something different, Palace Identity has all you need to add in her makeup bags, such as Peony Blush, Contour and Highlighter to meet. Or choose from our SETS & KITS and save your trouble from wrapping.


        Of course, don’t forget the long-awaited Palace Identity eye shadow palette. As soon as it is released, it got many likes from social media. It contains ten stunning shades in an exquisite jewel box, smooth and pigmented application. Versatile & artistic, I am sure she will be tempted.


        Hope you are inspired after reading it. Upon the arrival of Valentine's Day, all shall be well.

        Highlighting Tips for Beginners

        Highlighting Tips for Beginners

        Wanna add more dimension to your makeup? Highlighter is a great choice! You have seen numerous youtuber, instagramers and red-carpet looks, you found them too bold and bright? Not knowing how to apply it for an everyday look? Here are some techniques for you to nail that glow!

        First of all, aim for the T area, that’s where you want the features to pop.

        It should be noted here that you don't need too much highlighting product. Excessive overlay will fail the dimensional look, it also makes your face appear oily, lacking that gloss. You can use a makeup brush to gently pat on the area to avoid excessive application.


        Besides the T area, the most popular spot for applying a highlighter is to define your cheekbones with an illuminating formula which will give your face a light contour and make it appear visibly youthful.

        Choose the shade that is lighter than your skin tone. For fairer skin, white or beige highlighter will never go wrong, and for warmer skin, you can choose gold tone for a  more natural lit-from within look.  


        Highlighter Hack! Do you know you can use cover the dark circles under the eyes? Gently sweep it on the under-eye area, the whole look appear clear and glossy.

        How to store liquid liner when not in use

        How to store liquid liner when not in use

        The unopened eyeliner should be kept away from light and direct sunlight. Pay attention to its expiration date. Generally speaking, the shelf life of unopened cosmetics is about three years.


        Therefore, there are two periods for eyeliner, while the shelf life of unopened eyeliner is about three years, and the PAO of opened eyeliner is about one year.


        The liquid eyeliner is in direct contact with the eye skin, so you can’t be more careful. If the eyeliner is worn off quickly when you haven’t been using it much, you don’t want to risk it on your eye skin.

        Upon opening the liquid eyeliner, it is recommended to use up within eight months. If it exceeds this period, it is best not to use it again, because the eyeliner is in contact with the eye skin, after it is exposed in the air, the liner is contaminated with bacteria, so it is recommended not to use it after eight months.         


        Fasten the cap when the eyeliner is not in use. At the same time, keep it away from light and avoid direct sunlight. It is best to put it in a drawer tip-side down.

        Liquid liners come in different colors, so be careful when you buy them. For dark hair, choose a black eyeliner; for blond and lighter hair, it is better to choose a brown eyeliner. Liquid liner is easier to shade than gel liner, and it is not easy to slip off.

        What is lip stain?

        What is lip stain?

        Think lip stain as lipstick in liquid form. They can cover up fine lines on the lips and does not fade easily. Compared with old-school lipsticks, lip stain appear brighter, so many  makeup newbies tend to choose lip stains for its long-wearing pigmented look.


        How to use:

        1, Lip care. Before applying any lip products, use ample lip balm. After the lips are fully moisturized, wipe off the thick layer of lip balm with a tissue. By doing so, the dead skin is removed and the lip stain can adhere more seamlessly.


        2, Time for the lip stain! Use a cotton swab to dab evenly, then apply another layer to make the color last. You don’t need a lip brush to smudge it, just blend directly with the built-in brush.


        3, If you prefer a matte finish, sip on a napkin. Add a layer of lip gloss for a sparkling lip look.

        Same with other makeup product, once opened, use it asap. Otherwise it will be spoiled.

        Lip stain is more prone to deterioration, because without any adding of anti-corrosion wax ingredients, it is easy to deteriorate in the process of long-term use.

        Best friends forever - foundation and compact powder

        Best friends forever - foundation and compact powder

        Nothing is worse than face makeup slipping off, especially in this mask-wearing season. Foundation and compact powder are the BFF in this scenario, because by using them together the face makeup lasts much longer. As the most used products in face makeup, it is vital to know what they do and how to use.


        What are they?

        • The textures

        Foundation is in liquid state while compact powder is formed by pressed or baked loose powder.


        • Thefunctions

        Liquid foundation is mainly used to cover facial blemishes, adjust skin texture and even skin tone. Compact powder is mainly used to set makeup, touch-ups, reduce the shine, which allows the makeup stay refreshing and non-sticky.


        • The finishes

        The liquid foundation is slightly moisturizing, spreadable and it virtually conceals, but it

        will slip off when the T area gets oily.


        Some compact powder can be used damped. After applying with wet powder puffs, the powder delivers a concealing effect. The translucent powder is designed to reduce shine, such as our Winged Deer Translucent Compact Powder, it delivers an instant blurring effect.


        Do I need both?

        Don’t separate the BFF!

        Liquid foundation and compact powder are both base products, pair them up harmoniously to achieve a long-lasting flawless complexion.


        First apply liquid foundation to even out skin tone and conceal imperfections, and then use powder to set makeup for long-wearing. Check out Palace Identity Full Coverage Base Kit for a flawless natural finish.