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        How long does a foundation last after it’s opened?

        How long does a foundation last after it’s opened?

        All cosmetics has its PAO and shelf life. For instance, a bottle of foundation, mostly in 20ml-30ml, some worry they will be expired before being used up. So let’s find out how long you can use them for.


        1.It seems the foundation bottle is really small?

        Generally, 30 ml of liquid foundation is designed to be used for 4 to 6 months, but if you don’t often apply makeup, you may be able to use it longer. For example, Palace Identity’s Chinese Phoenix Foundation in 20ml, can be used for 3-5 months.

        As we have covered before, liquid foundation has a PAO life. Once it’s expired, it posts potential risk to the skin.


        2.How long can the opened liquid foundation last?

        Liquid foundation generally has two expiration date, one is before opening and the other is after opening. Generally, they last three years before opening since the products are sheathed by packaging, so the storage time will be relatively longer. After it’s opened, you are referred to the PAO logo on the bottle, usually up to a year.


        3.How to store the liquid foundation after opening

        A: Liquid cosmetics are prone to deterioration when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, so do store them in a cool place or in the refrigerator when not in use in summer.

        B: Ifyou don’t apply foundation daily, you can divide it into small bottles and keep them in a cool place.

        Gel Liner VS Liquid Liner

        Gel Liner VS Liquid Liner

        Gel liners and liquid liners are of different textures. Although both are pen-shaped, voices diverse on them. Today let’s go in depth on both so you’ll know which one does what.

        Gel liner looks like crayon, with round tip. Consequently the lines it draws are not thin, but can be smudged out for a natural effect.  


        Pros: 1, Beginner friendly. The filling are so soft and easier to control. 2, Natural lines without that rigid and stiff edges. It can draw fine lines which are perfect for neutral looks. 3, Mistake-proof. The retractable applicator makes blending so easy, especially when you want to accentuate the lower lashlines. 4, Go colorful! You got bored with just black liners? Choose a colored gel liner and lit up the looks.


        Cons: 1, As natural as it is, the eyeliner may not be able to achieve the precision and definition. 2, Because the filling is so soft, it might break when you apply. 3, Sadly it is more likely to smudge than liquid liner.


        Liquid Liners

        Liquid liner is similar to water paint. There are felt tip and brush tip available and draw lines that are more precise. And yes, I know you must have one of these in your makeup pouch.


        Pros: 1, Highly pigmented and fast drying. The longwear is enough to hold a look throughout the day. 2, If your hand is steady you can do a cat wing in a single pass. 3, Add more definition with the fine tip.


        Cons: 1, The lines can’t be fixed easily and it gets cakey when you layer it up. 2, The crisp edge means you have to wear a full face makeup to pull it out, otherwise the liner looks rather stiff. 3, A shorter PAO period. 4, Sometimes overly pigmented, unless you just want a jet-black line.  

        We compare and contrast these two mainstream liner products in the hope to give you some reference. Of course, you can always pair them up by using a gel liner for the roots of lashes and a liquid liner to wing it out.

        Liquid liner dried out? Why and how to solve it?

        Liquid liner dried out? Why and how to solve it?

        After using for a short while, you found the recently purchased eyeliner pen does not provide that constant flow the advertisement promised? You can shake it out but the liner pen still gets gloppy? The lifespan of liner pens are so short?


        Actually, we don’t need to chuck them as soon as they do not flow. Now we are going to show you why this happened and how to save your liquid liner pens.


        1.In contact with oil-based skincare products?

        As people become more aware of skin care, pre-makeup protection is no longer neglected. But only a few people know the oil eye creams contain can affect the flow of liquid liner. So if you have oily lids, bear in mind to let the eye skincare product to be fully absorbed before you draw the liner.

        2.In contact with powder makeup?

        It’s more than likely that eyeliner is the last step in eye makeup routine, which means the foundation and eyeshadow could clot up the tips. That’s why makeup artists always recommend you to set the makeup first, and draw the liner on dry skin.

        3.Is the cap fastened after each use?

        After each use, fasten the cap! This is because some film formers are added in liquid liner to ensure a prolonged wearing. When they are exposed in the air, the tips will form a waterproof film to stuck the ink flow.



        Here are the solutions to save your liquid liner pens!

        1.Give it a good rinse

        Regularly wash the tips with warm water and dry with a napkin. Put the cap back on and place it tip-side down, then run the tip on the back of your hand until the ink flow.

        2.Shake shake shake

        With the cap on, tip-side down, give it a good shake till the liquid is flowing to the tip-side. Then always place the liner pens tip-side down and put the cap on after each use.

        3.A thorough clean

        Check if there is clots on the felt-tip or the brush-tip. The fast-drying liquid liner pens are likely to form gel substance. Scrape the clots and gel on the tip so it should provide that constant flow.

        Am I the last one to know my brow pencil is so VERSATILE?

        Am I the last one to know my brow pencil is so VERSATILE?

        Makeup gurus use their products and tools in a highly skilled way, what’s more, they know how to achieve multiple functions with a single piece. Today we are going to play the trick with eyebrow pencils and prove that it is so much more than doing the brows.

        1, Draw the brows

        The hair color determines the shade of your eyebrow pencil; besides, choose accordingly based on the makeup style. We know the brows should be lighter than your hair in case they cast all the attention on the face, check out the Gilted Tang eyebrow pencil T01 dark brown, T02 soft black and T03 soft brown, and decide which one suits you the best.


        2, Contour the nose

        After foundation, use your brow pencil to draw two straight lines along the nose bridge and blend with finger tips. This is when you realize brow pencil can be used as contour to make your nose appear straighter.


        3, Eyeliner

        You have realized the black eyeliner sometimes appear unnatural and stiff, why not try the same technique but with brow pencil. The color appears softer and delivers a more wearable effect.


        4, Eyeshadow

        Now you get the gist of it, draw a thinker eyeliner with brow pencil and blend well with finger tip or cotton swab.


        5, Lip liner

        Yes, use your brow pencil as lip liner. Especially if you use light brown shade, it gives you fuller lips when it is paired with red or nude tone lipsticks. While delivering a plumped effect, the liner helps to correct the asymmetry of the lips.

        Will lipsticks fade my natural lip color?

        Will lipsticks fade my natural lip color?

        It’s most common to wear lipsticks everyday, and you wonder if the cosmetics will make your lips lose color? The answer is No.

        The loss of lip color is usually caused by exposure to the sun and ageing. What’s more, after applying lipstick, it is advised to remove it with lip&eye makeup remover. Especially when you use some long-lasting products such as matte lipsticks or lip stains, without being properly removed, the residue will make your lips appear darker. In short, frequent use of lipstick will not fade or darken your lip color when the product is of good quality and being removed thoroughly.


        It is interesting to notice that on QUORA, makeup artists and beauty writers lay emphasis on branded lipsticks. Well established brands make sure the ingredients are safe and in line with international standards.

        So is Palace Identity Chinese Dragon Lipstick, safe on the lips and almost too pretty to use.  It’s not only paraben-free, but also infused with natural herbs to nourish the lips. The matte finish does not stain the cups nor the face masks. There are ten flattering shades to choose from with M10 Nude Apricot being the best seller. Based on our research, half of our customers purchased the Chinese Dragon Lipstick as a gift because of its exquisite packaging and embossment on the bullet.   

        Life hacks. Don’t throw away expired cosmetics!

        Life hacks. Don’t throw away expired cosmetics!

        PAO or “period after opening” is shorter than you think? Such a waste to throw them away after 6 months? Here are the hacks to help you save some bucks when you are not ready to bin your 6-month old cosmetics.


        Expired Facial Cream = Body Moisturizer

        Expired creams may deteriorate due to oxidation and you don’t want to take the risk of facial allergies. Instead, use it on elbows and heels, where needs to by moisturized but less sensitive than facial skin.


        Expired Face Wash and Makeup Remover = Brush Cleanser

        The cleaning products run out quickly, they are still usable just less effective.


        If there are no change on the appearance and texture, they are perfect to clean the makeup brushes as they can fully remove the makeup residue on the brushes without damaging the soft bristles.

        Expired Perfume = Fragrance Diffuser

        Put a scented cane into the perfume to transform it into a high-end fragrance! If you feel that the fragrance is not strong enough, you can also add an aromatherapy base liquid to help with diffusing. Or if you haven’t threw away your old diffuser stone, spray expired perfume on it and now you have a new diffuser stone.

        Expired Serum = Bath Drops

        Use them as bath drops! Simply throw them in bath water and enjoy. The capsules will melt into the water and your skin feels visibly softened after a luxurious bath.  


        Expired Loose powder = Dry Shampoo

        As long as your loose powder is not damp, you can always use it as pon pon powder or dry shampoo. Simply buff a gorgeous amount onto greasy hair roots and rub thoroughly. Your hair will instantly appear fluffy and grease-free.


        Expired Lipstick = Silver Polisher

        We strongly advise you not to use expired lip products on the lips because of the increasing amount of bacterial it may contain. But did you know you can use lipstick to polish silverware?


        Lipstick contains emulsifiers. After encountering silver, the emulsifiers can absorb the silver sulfide components and other small pollutants on the silverware. Silver sulfide is what causing the silverware to turn black. After the lipstick absorbs it, the silverware will appear polished and brighter. Also, some lipsticks also contain titanium oxide particles, which can remove dirt on the surface of silverware. Providing the silverware has a flat surface, for you don’t want the lipstick to stuck in your carved silver jewelry.