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        How to choose eyebrow pencil?

        How to choose eyebrow pencil?

        So many eyebrow pencils on the market, how would I know which ones suit me the best? Here are some factors to take into consideration before choosing the right brow pencils.


        The design

        For a new beginners, we advise you a two-end design with brow pencil on one side and spoolie brush on the other. For this is easier to control when you draw the strokes and the brush can be used to adjust the brows into desired shape.


        The length

        Here we refer it to the length of the pencil. You would want to choose the length according to the length of your palm.

        The shade

        Think about your skin tone and hair color. Basically the brow pencil’s shade needs to be lighter than your hair color. Our brand -- Palace Identity, the best selling shade is T01 Dark Brown Gilted Tang Eyebrow Pencil which accommodates most complexions and hair colors.


        The texture

        Is it soft when you apply it? Good quality ones will not cause any discomfort on your sensitive brow skin. We don’t want you to buy those hard refills, it usually means poor quality.

        Halloween is coming. Candy is not your only treat!

        Halloween is coming. Candy is not your only treat!

        Enjoying your pumpkin latte? Halloween is coming before you know it. This year we don’t have to include fake blood and face paint, let’s try something minimalistic this year.


        There are some Halloween looks are super quick and easy, and it doesn’t matter at all if it’s get bit messy.

        It seems like you don’t need to be a makeup guru to pull off a Halloween look. For this soften version of joker, you simply need a lip stick and lots of blush.


        After apply an extra amount of base products, buff Palace Identity Peony Blush  gorgeously on the apples. This time we need you to go heavy on the blush since it’s Halloween! Peony Blush is perfect to create this look for its coral-tone shade. Do your eyeshadow with this palette to blend the whole look.


        Then it’s the fun part. Use Chinese Dragon Lipstick M01  true red to draw a fuller lips and stretch out the lines all the way up. Again, the lines don’t have to be symmetrical and neat. Remember to accent where you want to add bit more definition.



        Who said the lipsticks are just for the lips?

        Chinese Dragon Lipsticks #M11


        Treat yourself with Palace Identity Peony Blush and Chinese Dragon Lipstick! Don’t forget to apply your 10% off code “sale10” when you purchase two items.

        Your hand by hand guide to apply blush

        Your hand by hand guide to apply blush

        It is almost universally habitual to include lipsticks in a makeup pouch, now time to give blush more credits as when apply appropriately it makes your skin looks incredibly healthy and embellish the shape of your face.


        Here are some hand by hand instructions for the blush look that not only flatter the look but can also accent the features.  


        Blush on the apples 

        This is the most common method and a safe choice for different facial shapes. It cannot be easier, simply dab the color slightly above apples of the cheeks and buff it out. This will give you a naturally fuller look.


        Blush as contouring 

        I know you have seen this a lot of this on red carpets. Buff it on the cheekbones, juts where your contouring gliding on. This will give you a more chiseled effect by visually narrowing the width of the face.


        Blush? Flush?

        Think about when you just had a great workout or getting bit sunburn on the slopes. Horizontally swipe it under the eyes and above the cheekbone to create a raw fresh complexion that comes from within. Easy on the color and layer it up for a more defined texture. Don’t apply too much on your temple area in case the shade makes it look sunken.


        Now we have known the blush techniques, and you need the product to take the practice. What kind of blush suit me the best? You can find powder, cream and liquid blush on the market, the solid ones are easier to use and more portable.


        If you have pale skin, you can pull off most blush colors. Peachy pink, coral and apricot colors are advised for warm skin. Avoid bright pink if you don’t want to accent the yellowness in the complexion. Orange tone is a safe choice. If you just came back from tropical island and your skin is adorably sun-kissed, try plum tone which blends seamlessly with the tan.


        Product wise, check out Palace Identity’s Peony Blush. This palette incorporates peach color, coral and pearl shimmer. These shades can be mixed for a customized natural look.

        This is what you need to instantly boost the texture of your makeup!

        This is what you need to instantly boost the texture of your makeup!

        Is it just me or we all like to add some “light” on our face when apply makeup? Besides that super glittery eyeshadow, highlighter has become a unskippable process in the routine.


        Highlighter may never be the leading role in the play of makeup; however, it instantly lit up the features as well as contours of the face and lines.


        What’s more, highlighter makes your skin looks dewy and fresh, which as we described in the title - highlighter is the secret weapon that instantly boost your makeup texture.


        Q1: Why we need highlighter?

        A: Besides bringing out your features, and making the skin looks more transparent and glowy, highlighter can also brings the attention to where you want to accent and adds more style to the whole.


        Q2: What are the textures of highlighters and how to apply different textures?

        A: There are cream, powder and liquid highlighter on the market. You would want to use your fingertips to apply cream and liquid highlighter because of the oil and water they contain. Use a brush to pick up powder highlighter. When the texture is softer and it’s almost like mashed potato, a trick is to damp your brush first to achieve a more obvious highlighting effect.


        Q3: Which color should I pick?

        A: Think of both the lightness and color tones.

        Usually the neutral shades such as beige, light pink and low saturated shades accommodate most skin tones. If you have warm skin tones, try champagne gold and copper shades to make your skin looks naturally healthy. For pale skin, go bolder, the pinkish-purple, silvery highlighter will suit you just fine.


        Q4: Where do I apply?

        A: We advise you to use matte highlighter to “plump it up” to achieve a fuller look. Gorgeously swipe the matte highlighter on the forehead, nose bridge, chin and high points of the cheeks.

        The shimmery highlighter is for embellishing specific points, inner eye corners, tip of the nose and lips.

        Ever swipe the shimmer on the body? Try it on the clavicle, shoulder and other bony parts.


        Today’s Highlighter

        Palace Identity Lotus Highlighter.

        Texture-wise, this is a baked-powder highlighter with ultra-fine shimmer, easily glides onto your skin without caking and showing the pores (the least thing you want is drawing attention to the pores on the nose). On regards of color tone, the champagne pink truly flatter ALL skin tones. Swipe it on for a subtly glowy contour.